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Title: Emrys the Vampire Slayer
Author: Tokio
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Merlin/Morgana, Gwen/Arthu
Blood, Possible sex, Its an AU story!
Spoilers: Merlin once lived a happy life until he was awaken and realized what the real world was truly like.

A/N: I have written a couple of fanfics for a diff fandom. I really love merlin and my otp for merlin is Merlin and Morgana so i wrote this in honour of them lol. Anyways hope you enjoy and I will hopefully update in a good manner but school keeps me busy. As well mind the title didn't know what to call it. And i love buffy but its nothing like it. it might change as in the title might, as well i will take suggestions on the title to. So please help. Also mind the poor editing and grammer. its late right now. Thanks for reading!

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a fanfic journal?

anyways, long time no update

but just want to let everyone know, i love to write fanfics and such so i might turn this journal into a fanfic post for all the fanfics i write.
im currently writing one called Friends Forever? and it is currently being posted at Sosified.com so if you're a member check it up. Once it is completed i will post all of it here, but i am still debating whether to do updates or not. But i just trying to get fic art together before posting so i hope you will read it once i post it

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Hey, made some screencaps of my fave show of right now...OSEN. if you haven't watched it you are definitely missing out, anyways only made a couple of the intro song. for some reason the program kept legging so i gave up. lol.


as well here are three screencaps of cute BOA, oh how i adore this woman, she will forever be one of the best in my eyes